Sunday, 6 January 2013

Who am I?

The name I was given at birth is Sophia, named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Boann is the name of an Irish Goddess who has called me to her service.

I am half Dutch/Half English, single mother of 4 younglings and have been involved with Gardnerian Wicca for over 2 decades. I am a Gardnerian High Priestess and a Jewitch (Jewish Witch). I am a member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovids and Druids) and I have an interest in Celtic Reconstructionism.

I studied History at college, but chose to work in the IT industry for over a decade before becoming a stay-at-home mother. I have a love for blacksmithing, making music and exploring foreign countries. I have lived in the Netherlands, England, Portugal and Poland, but am currently slowly growing roots in the South of Ireland.

I facilitate a monthly Pagan Study Circle in Cork. If you are interested in what I am doing in Cork, you can find more information on the Well of Wisdom Facebook page.

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