Sunday, 6 January 2013

Trailing the Well of Wisdom

Well of Wisdom: The source of Magic and Knowledge in Irish Mythology. It is located in the Otherworld and is surrounded by nine hazel trees. When all the trees drop their hazelnuts in the Well, they were eaten by the Salmon of Knowledge. Eventually the Salmon was caught and eaten by Fionn mac Cumhaill who gained the Imbas Forosnai, the stuff that gives the powers of clairvoyance, magic and  poetry. The Well is called Tobar Segais in Irish. Similar stories can be found in Irish mythology for Connla's Well.

Trailing: To follow a trail.

Boann: Irish Goddess of the Cows and wife of Nechtan. Nechtan was the keeper of the Well of Wisdom, which only Nechtan and his cup bearers were allowed to access. Boann disobeyed him and released the Well of Wisdom unto the world, creating the river Boyne. In some stories Boann was swallowed up by the river, in others she lost only part of her body. She gave her (part of) her essence to create the sacred river.

Sophia: Greek Goddess of Wisdom. I was named after her by my parents, the name I was given at birth.

This blog is an attempt at following the trail of the Well of Wisdom. I do not expect to arrive at its Source, but I hope that some of the articles here will give myself and those who read them a small glimpse of the Well and its potential.

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